A word from the Principal: 14 November

Swimming lessons are being held from 3—13 December. Students (except Y6)  will now be attending all 9 days; there is no additional charge for this extra day. The program is a vital component to the Health and Physical Education learning area and all students are expected to attend. A medical condition is the only appropriate reason for non-attendance. The aim of the program is to assist in the development of children’s skills and attitudes whilst supporting the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. Swimming lessons replace Mr Moser’s Phys Ed program for the last two weeks of term.

Last week we had a few visitors to our school. On Wednesday, Mrs Shirly Mooney, our “adopt a digger” visited the school to see our special tribute  and speak to the children about the centenary of Armistice Day. She was very impressed with all the work the school community had done to celebrate this special Remembrance Day.

Another important visitor to the school was Maria Richards. Maria has a wealth of experience in setting up the successful implementation of Talk for Writing (T4W) across a school. We began to implement this program two and a half years ago. Maria has also continued to work alongside Pie Corbett, who wrote the program and has worked alongside Pie on a number of projects and conferences. Maria  spent the morning observing our teachers teach the T4W process.

In the afternoon Maria consulted with myself, Liz Macey and Dawn McDonald to review where the school was at and what steps we would  need to take for continued literacy improvement and leader support and development.

We are currently working on class lists for 2019. We currently have 202 students enrolled for 2019. With increasing numbers in the early years there is going to be a need for split year level classes throughout the school. This situation is not new to this school. I would like to emphasise that there is no difference between split or straight year level classes. There are students of all abilities in either and teachers differentiate the curriculum for students when it is required. There are a number of factors that are taken into account such as academic ability, the ability to be able to work independently and social/emotion needs. Your child will be placed in the class that the teachers think will be the most beneficial for each individual student. Class lists will be placed on the Administration window at 2.30pm on the last day of school.


Lyn Dawson