2020 Enrolments

Planning is now underway regarding staffing and class structures for next year. Our school is continuing to grow which is great news!

It is vital to the planning process that we are made aware of any families that may not be returning to East Hamersley P.S next year. Please either come into the front office, give the school a call or email us if you know your child will not be returning in 2020 as it could have a bearing on class structures.

Thank you to the P&C

We are very fortunate at East Hamersley to have a hardworking and generous P&C. Each year, the P&C works with the administration to identify areas where funds can be utilised to make real improvements which will benefit all students across the school. 

In addition to their ongoing commitment to assist the school with purchasing important learning technologies; this year the P&C have generously funded resources to enrich the learning of students in each phase of learning. In addition to the climbing dome for our Kindy and PP students; the P&C have provided a range of items including maths games for our year 3 students, craft resources for our year 2/3 class, Lego sets for our year 1/2 class and board games for our new lunchtime games club! 

On behalf of all the staff and students at EHPS a big Thankyou to our wonderful P&C! 

There is still much to look forward to this term with our Faction and Interschool Carnivals as well as the One Big Voice Choir festival, our PP/Yr. 1 Assembly and a number of incursions and excursions also taking place. Please remember to check the Skoolbag app to stay up to date! 

Science Week 

As part of our Science Week celebrations, students participated in a variety of activities throughout the week. Thank you to teachers for their preparation, enthusiasm and encouragement with this very important learning area. 

On Friday 16th the students joined together to form teams and were challenged to build a catapult capable of firing a pom-pom as far as possible! There were some very ingenious creations and lots of scientific knowledge on display! 

Once again our Year 5 students were invited to take part in Warwick SHS’ annual STEM Fair. The students enjoyed participating in a range of exciting activities. 

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who help to make this such a wonderful school! 

Chris Stratton, Acting Principal 


A word from the Principal

Each year the school community gathers together to remember those who have fought for our country. This year our ANZAC Day ceremony is being held on Friday, 12 April at 9am. It is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our ANZACs, and the generations of Australian servicemen and women who have defended our values and freedoms, in wars, conflicts and peace operations throughout a Century of Service. This year the focus is on the role of the nurses. Our special guests include Mr David Michael, Labour member for Balcatta, Councillor Karl Perkov from the City of Stirling and Mrs Shirley Mooney representing the SAS. Bunnings Balcatta have also donated a Native Australian plant which will be planted during the ceremony to mark this special ceremony. We would love you all to attend.

We are again asking for the school community to assist us with donations of flowers so that we can make our wreaths. These can be brought to the Art Room by 8.00am on the Friday morning. I would like to invite parents who attend the ceremony to join us for ANZAC biscuits and a cup of tea in the staff room afterwards.

Last week the P&C held its annual general meeting. I would like to congratulate the following parents who were elected as the Executive Committee.

President: Chris Timmins

Vice President: Stephanie Cowan

Secretary: Tara Price

Treasurer: Latasha Kirton

I urge you to support your P&C in all their endeavours as it benefits your children in the end.

Congratulations to Mrs Lawry who successfully applied for a Land Care Woolworths grant to build a wildflower garden. There will be a number of stages in this project. There will be great scope for students to be involved in REAL project based learning with an embedded indigenous focus.  The Wildflower Garden will feature West Australian native plants. It will be located next to the PP classroom where the newish garden bed has been installed. Grass will be removed over the holidays to make the space bigger. There will be circular pavers winding through the garden space which will be painted with animals that live in the bush and the accompanying Noongar names below them. On the brick wall we will also be painting animals with their Noongar names.

Have a great fortnight everyone.

 Lyn Dawson , Principal


2019 Contributions & Charges

Historically, the contributions and charges have been paid for as the events occur but to make things easier for families this year, we are offering alternate methods of paying for incursions and excursions that occur throughout the school year.

If you pay the following at the start of the 2019 school year, when an incursion or excursion is held you do not have to pay for them because you have paid the lump sum at the beginning of the year.

Kindergarten     $15.00 per student

Pre-primary to Year 6   $125.00 per student

This payment is additional to the Voluntary Contributions of $60.00 and will be held in credit to be allocated to excursions and incursions throughout the year or to contributions.  (This pre-payment will not be used for Camp or Instrumental Music.)

A statement for the payment will be sent home with your child each term.  Any credit left at the end of the year will be carried forward to the new school year.  If your child is leaving the school, the credit will be transferred to a sibling, refunded on request or donated to the school.


Option 1: Pay at your earliest convenience- Deposits can be made directly into the school bank account by EFT.  Please do a separate transaction for each child and enter the child’s name into the reference field.

EFT:  Acc Name:  East Hamersley Primary School

Commonwealth Bank BSB: 066 040 Acc No: 19904306

Option 2: Pay by EFTPOS, Qkr!, cash or cheque at the front office.

2019 Charges & Voluntary Contributions Years K-6

CHARGES – Extra cost options throughout the year OTHER
( Estimated total maximum cost)
ITEM  K                 P 1 2 3 4 5 6
Interschool Sport         $35.00 $35.00 $35.00 $35.00  
PEAC     $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $50.00 $300.00 $300.00  
Edu Dance   $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00  
Swimming   $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00  
Incursions/Excursions $100.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00  
Year 6 Camp               $400.00  
Year 6 Graduation               $100.00  
Instrumental Music                 $100.00

Voluntary Contribution Payment ($60) is appreciated by 12 April 2019.

Please note the level of Voluntary Contributions has been approved by the School Board.

Curriculum Area  
The Arts $10.00
English $10.00
Mathematics $10.00
History & Social Sciences $5.00
Science/T&E $15.00
Physical Education & Health $10.00


A word from the Principal: 13th February

From the Principal:

A warm welcome back to our school community for 2019. It is great to be back and I look forward to another exciting and rewarding year.         Focus 2019 is based on the Department of Education’s strategic plan with its commitment to a culture of high performance and high care.

Success for all students, high quality teaching, effective leadership and strong governance and support – the key areas of our business plan – are reflected in Focus 2019.

At East Hamersley Primary School in 2019, actions for student success will include improving outcomes for all students’, developing their skills in digital technologies and ensuring Year 3 and year 4 students are learning a language. Importantly, teaching quality remains a key focus.

At East Hamersley we strive to continually improve our teaching. The staff work as a team and see themselves as having a responsibility to support their colleagues. They share ideas and they take collective responsibility for the success of the school. There is a climate of learning and growing for both students and staff. I am very proud of this school and look forward to another successful year.

The first Board meeting for the year is on Monday 18 February. The first P&C meeting for the year  is being  held on Tuesday 19 February at 3.15pm in the staff room. We would love to see as many parents there as possible – “many hands make light work”.

I would like to formally welcome Miss Jenkins (teacher), Mrs Richardson (EA), Mrs Carrick (EA), Miss Cucuzza( MCS)  and Mrs Thompson (School officer) to our school. They are all doing an amazing job and working alongside the rest of my amazing staff.

STAFF 2019

Principal         Ms Lyn Dawson

Deputy Principal Mr Chris Stratton

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten: Ms Mareesa Buchanan and    Mrs Siobhan Jones

Pre-Primary :  Mrs Lawry

PP/Year 1:      Mrs Sophie Jenkins

Year  1/2:        Ms Tracey Harding

Year 2/3:         Mrs Ms Macey

Year 3:            Ms Thompson

Mr Stratton

Year 4/5:         Mrs Dawn McDonald

Year  5/6: Mrs Waters

Support Teacher:  Mrs DeBoni

Specialist Teachers

Health & Art: Mr Andrew Moser

Phys Ed: Mr Andrew Moser

Music: Mrs Siobhan Jones

Indonesian: Ms Maree Clifton

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mr Susan Margaret

Education Assistants

Mrs Rosato

Mrs Hayward

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Rowse

Mrs Mills

Mrs Ridgeway

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Carrick

Manager of Corporate                 

Services         Miss Cucuzza

School Officer  Mrs Kerry Thompson

Librarian  Mrs Betty Somers

Gardener  Mr Phil Piontek

Cleaners  Mrs Leonie Madex

Mr Joe Lione

School Psychologist

Mr Richard Luyke

School Chaplain Mrs Di Norris

Have a great fortnight everyone.

Lyn Dawson , Principal



A Word from the Principal: 12 Dec

Well I am finding it difficult to believe that this is the final newsletter for 2018. The year has certainly flown by! It has been a very busy year with the students being provided with a wide variety of educational events throughout the year. I have nothing but praise for the outstanding commitment and dedication my staff have shown throughout 2018 and I feel very privileged to work with such wonderful people. I would also like to publicly acknowledge my Deputy Chris Stratton, Manager of Corporate Services, Mrs Riches and School Officer, Mrs Feist for the support and loyalty they have shown me throughout the year. This year the school has had some minor works done to uplift the front of our school. Thanks must also go to our cleaners Leonie and Joe and gardener Phil for their work around the school.

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank Mrs Toni Rathe and Mrs Julie Thompson for their outstanding contributions to the school this year. Your efforts have been very much appreciated.

It was fantastic to see you all at the Christmas Concert last Thursday night. The teachers and their students put on a beautiful concert. Congratulations to all award winners!

The work of the P&C led by Chris Timmins and his executive committee also needs to be acknowledged. The work of the small but industrious fundraising committee has seen substantial funds being given to the school to purchase much need resources for the school. The playground was also improved with painted games outside the classrooms for the children to use. A very big thank you to you all from the staff and students of EHPS!

My final thanks goes to the School Board. Led by Mr Eli Greatley, the Board have worked tirelessly to continue to improve the school practices and ensure the school is working to achieve our vision: “To inspire a culture of excellence in all that we do.”

On behalf of the staff of EHPS may I extend our best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe new year!

School returns for students on Monday 4 February 2019.

Lyn Dawson,



A Word from the Principal: 28 Nov

From the Principal:

I would like to inform the school community that as part of our commitment to being a sustainable and waste free school your child’s school report will now be sent electronically to you by email. If you require a hard copy then please let the office know.  Reports will be emailed to you on Wednesday 12 December.

We are currently working on class lists for 2019. We currently have 202 students enrolled for 2019. With increasing numbers in the early years there is going to be a need for split year level classes throughout the school. This situation is not new to this school. I would like to emphasise that there is no difference between split or straight year level classes. There are students of all abilities in either and teachers differentiate the curriculum for students when it is required. There are a number of factors that are taken into account such as academic ability, the ability to be able to work independently and social/emotional needs. Your child will be placed in the class that the teachers think will be the most beneficial for each individual student. Class lists will be placed on the Administration window at 2.30pm on the last day of school.

Recently one of our students demonstrated the values that we try to instill in our students at East Hamersley Primary School. Of his own volition, Shea decided that he would make some cupcakes and lemonade to sell at his family’s garage sale to raise money for Guide Dogs WA..

Last week he got to meet two of their
ambassador dogs on Wednesday when he donated the $31.40 he had raised money. Shea, we congratulate you for  demonstrating the values of consideration, commitment and enthusiasm!

On Friday 16 November the school and P&C held its annual Lapathon. Students were encouraged to wear bright clothes.

Students and parents enjoyed running around the oval and having a cold icy pole at the end.

A huge thank you to the students and their families for getting friends and relatives to sponsor them. Your hard work has so resulted in $2400 being raised with more money still to be counted!. The highest fundraiser in each year level will receive a prize at the Kindy assembly on Friday.

Last Monday Mrs McDonald and I, accompanied our school captains Bronte and Kaitlyn to Parliament House. Mr David Michael MLA for Balcatta had invited us along with some other schools in his constituency to join him for lunch. We were very proud of the way Bronte and Kaitlyn conducted themselves on behalf of our school.

The last two weeks of term are very busy with swimming lessons, Christmas Concert and the Year 6 Graduation.  I look forward to seeing you all at either or both of these events.

 Lyn Dawson,



A word from the Principal: 14 November

Swimming lessons are being held from 3—13 December. Students (except Y6)  will now be attending all 9 days; there is no additional charge for this extra day. The program is a vital component to the Health and Physical Education learning area and all students are expected to attend. A medical condition is the only appropriate reason for non-attendance. The aim of the program is to assist in the development of children’s skills and attitudes whilst supporting the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. Swimming lessons replace Mr Moser’s Phys Ed program for the last two weeks of term.

Last week we had a few visitors to our school. On Wednesday, Mrs Shirly Mooney, our “adopt a digger” visited the school to see our special tribute  and speak to the children about the centenary of Armistice Day. She was very impressed with all the work the school community had done to celebrate this special Remembrance Day.

Another important visitor to the school was Maria Richards. Maria has a wealth of experience in setting up the successful implementation of Talk for Writing (T4W) across a school. We began to implement this program two and a half years ago. Maria has also continued to work alongside Pie Corbett, who wrote the program and has worked alongside Pie on a number of projects and conferences. Maria  spent the morning observing our teachers teach the T4W process.

In the afternoon Maria consulted with myself, Liz Macey and Dawn McDonald to review where the school was at and what steps we would  need to take for continued literacy improvement and leader support and development.

We are currently working on class lists for 2019. We currently have 202 students enrolled for 2019. With increasing numbers in the early years there is going to be a need for split year level classes throughout the school. This situation is not new to this school. I would like to emphasise that there is no difference between split or straight year level classes. There are students of all abilities in either and teachers differentiate the curriculum for students when it is required. There are a number of factors that are taken into account such as academic ability, the ability to be able to work independently and social/emotion needs. Your child will be placed in the class that the teachers think will be the most beneficial for each individual student. Class lists will be placed on the Administration window at 2.30pm on the last day of school.


Lyn Dawson


STEAM Challenge

Year 5s enjoyed their time at the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Challenge at Warwick Senior High School.