Get involved

Involvement in school by parents and carers helps children achieve the best possible learning outcomes. You can participate in school life, both formally and informally, through the Parents and Citizens Association, school council, helping in the classroom or volunteering.

Make a special effort to attend your child’s class assemblies, parent-teacher meetings, sports days, open days, musical and other activities. This will help them feel positive about school and be a happy, active participant. When you volunteer you show your child that you care about their school life.

Research shows that when parents are involved with their children’s schooling, it has a positive effect on the child’s performance.

If you are a working parent and feel you have limited time to help or be involved at school, talk to your child’s teacher(s) about ways you could help out. Involve your child in the activity.

Some ways you can support your school that don’t require a big time commitment are:

  • Volunteering to help out with an afternoon art lesson once a term.
  • Offering to do laundry roster once.
  • Coordinating a parent’s night out for your child’s class.
  • Offering to bring in a special cultural item or similar for news one morning.
  • Donating paper or other materials that would be useful in the classroom.
  • Collecting household boxes and packaging to donate to your school’s Kindergarten or Pre-primary classrooms.
  • Purchasing a book and donating it to your school’s library.