General Information

School Uniform

Your child will enjoy wearing the East Hamersley school uniform, developing a sense of pride and belonging. Uniforms can be purchased at the administration office. Further details in our Uniform section.


School newsletters are sent home once a fortnight either by e-mail, hard copy or you can view and download in our Newsletter section.

These newsletters contain a wealth of information about school events and student achievements. Please take the time to read these as the newsletter often contains important information and events.

Parent Teacher Meetings

You are invited to attend individual parent meetings to meet the teacher and for friendly discussions. These are held in Term 2, but you are also encouraged to see the teacher for a meeting anytime, if you have a concern.


Partnerships between school and home are essential to help build a positive learning environment for your child. Parents and teachers working together ensure the development of learning outcomes for your child. Communication between parents and teachers is always valuable, particularly for the exchange of information that can help us understand your child.

If at any time of the year you have any questions regarding your child’s education, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to come to the Early Childhood Centre to discuss your child’s progress, please be aware that this cannot happen whilst teaching is in progress but you are welcome to make an appointment.


It is essential for your child to attend Kindergarten to establish regular attendance at school. It is vital that if your child has any problems settling into the Kindy routine that you discuss this with your child’s teacher. We want to make your child’s start to formal education a special one. If your child is away you must provide a note with a reasonable excuse for not attending.

Sick Children

Children who are unwell are best kept away from school. Kindergarten does not have a sick room or a quiet corner. The room is always a hive of activity and constructive noise. Should your child become sick or have an injury we will phone you.

Addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts

Please ensure that we always have your up to date contact details.

Sign In

Please sign in at the office if you are visiting the school or collecting a child during school hours. This register is for health and security reasons. Thank you.


When a child has a birthday, you are welcome to bring small cakes to school to share.


Please do not send toys to school; this will avoid arguments, loss and breakages. We do have a News Bag system which enables all children to

bring in special items to share with the class. Each child will have a turn of the News Bag each term.

Parent Participation

This will be offered to you in many forms:

  • Parents and family will be invited to help in the Kindergarten. Please place your name on the roster. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • A Laundry roster is also available on a weekly basis.
  • During Special Days when you will be invited to join us.
  • As a resource person collecting cardboard boxes, cylinders, wool bits, dresses and other valuable junk material for us.
  • Fundraising will be ongoing throughout the year combining school, P & C and separate Kindergarten fundraising activities.

Your help:

  • Enhances the learning program.
  • Models to your child the importance of education.
  • Strengthens the bond between school and home.
  • Informs you of your child’s development.
  • Is enjoyed by your child.

School Contributions

In order to enrich the opportunities available to your child there is a voluntary contribution on the booklist. You are encouraged to make this contribution to assist the school with providing equipment and resources.


A Kindergarten report detailing your child’s successes will be sent home in terms two and four.


The school has an active Parents & Citizens (P&C) Association, which assists the school in various ways, including fundraising. New members are most welcome.


Please do not park in the staff car park.

It is illegal to park in or block access to driveways or on the footpath.  Rangers often hand out fines.