Accident or Illness

Minor injuries are treated at school but in the case of more serious accidents or illness, the school will contact you or phone the designated emergency contact. For this reason it is vital that your contact information is current.

Asthma friendly School

East Hamersley Primary School is proud to support the principles of an Asthma Friendly School. If your child has an asthma condition, you are invited to call into the office to complete a Student Asthma Record form and by doing so, this helps us to be better informed of the way your child’s asthma can be best managed.

Peanut and Egg Alergy

It is reality of modern-day life that an increasing number of children develop life threatening allergies to certain food products.

Reactions to eating these products is known as an anaphylactic reaction, effectively meaning the airways swell to a point where breathing stops. As such, East Hamersley is aiming to be an ‘Allergy Aware” zone. We will work together to ensure the safety of our students.