Payment Options

Preferred Payment Method:

Qkr by MasterCard can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store for iPhones (for iPads download the iPhone app) or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

After downloading the app and registering, simply select East Hamersley Primary School from ‘Nearby Locations’ on Qkr or type Hamersley after tapping the magnifying glass in the top right of the home screen on Qkr.

You can pay for your school contribution, uniforms, and various activities, excursions and other items right now on Qkr and there will be more and more items available over time, so download it today and take a look at our school on Qkr.

Qkr Information Sheet

Credit Card/ Bank Card:

Credit card payments can be accepted over the telephone, in person at the front office or CC details written on the front pf a payment envelope and dropped to the office.
Bank card payments can be taken at the front office via the eftpos machine.


Cash can be taken over the counter at school or sent in an envelope to the front office.