Kookaburra Program

The Kookaburras program is run by parent volunteers in conjunction with Playgroups WA.  Click here to download the program flyer.

Membership in Playgroups WA carries an annual fee of $35 or less if you have a healthcare card.  We will have membership forms at the sessions so you can fill one out there and we can take your payment.  There will also be a gold coin donation per session to cover our costs for materials.  This membership also entitles you to attend any other Playgroups WA session and some special events they run during the year.

The sessions run every Monday during the school term.  The session format is as follows;

9:00 – Start.  Activities will be laid out on tables, feel free to take your kids wherever they are interested.

10:00 – Fruit Time.  Hands will be washed, fruit will be laid out on tables and children can eat with minimal supervision.

10:20 – Outdoors Time.  After fruit the children will be encouraged to play on the outdoor equipment.

10:50 – Mat Time.  Everyone will come in and sit on the mat for stories and songs.

11:00 – Finish.  Bye everyone, see you next week!

Please bring your child’s water bottle and a piece of fruit to be shared during fruit time.  Tea and coffee will be provided by the playgroup.


The Kookaburras Team