Learning at Home

This is our first ever provision of distance learning for students to ensure that we can maintain some continuity of connection to our school in times of disruption. Parents have now been provided a choice to send children to school based on a conscious decision made by parents considering personal concerns and circumstances. We hope that this provision of ideas and activities support families who have made the decision to continue learning at home.

Individual children will undoubtedly have differing needs and abilities, and we encourage you to choose activities which are within your child’s ability. The materials are intended to be for revision purpose and to maintain engagement in education, not to cause anxiety, or require in-depth explanation or preparation.

It is not expected or compulsory that these materials or sites be completed, we want above all the focus to be upon you, your families and children, your welfare and wellbeing.

We will be updating the page regularly as we put together more activities and ideas to support distance learning. Our response team is also looking at other ways we can stay connected to families through any disruptions to learning.

We are a team at East Hamersley PS, thank you for your contribution to supporting our kids.

Glen Bewick





East Hamersley Primary School Distance Learning for Parents and Carers (published 9/4/20)




East Hamersley PS Distance Learning Protocols   (published 30/3/20)




Class Dojo:

Teachers in all Classes are using Class Dojo as a two-way communication platform between school, and home.
Class Dojo allows teachers, students and parents to post messages, images and video to their virtual class.
If you are using a desktop or notebook computer, please click here to be directed to the Class Dojo login page.
Class Dojo can also be downloaded for mobile and tablet devices.
If you are using an Apple device, click here to be directed to the App Store.
If you are using a Samsung Device, click here to be directed to the Google Play Store.
Parents should have received an email inviting you to join your child’s Class Dojo. However, if you are having trouble logging into Class Dojo, please contact your child’s teacher via the email addresses listed on the class web page.


Classroom Web Pages:

Ms Thompson’s Class

Ms Jenkins’ Class

Ms Buchanan’s Class

Mrs Lawry’s Class

Ms Harding’s Class

Ms Macey’s Class

Mrs Willock’s Class

Mrs. McDonald’s Class

Mrs. Waters’ Class

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