Transition at school

Transitioning through school includes moving from home to early childhood education, from Pre-primary to Year 1 (“big school!”), from primary school to secondary school and finally from school onto further study, work or training.

There are other recognised periods of transition including moving from one school to another or moving between the years of secondary school such as from Year 10 to Year 11.

All of these periods of transition involve a certain level of emotional and practical adjustment for you, your child and your family and may result in your child experiencing some uncertainty and anxiety.

Depending on the transition, your child may have to deal with issues such as separation from you or siblings (when they start school for the first time), adjust to learning in a structured environment (when they start Year 1) and learning to adjust to a number of different teachers (when they go to secondary school).

The teaching staff at East Hamersley Primary School will work with you to make these transitions as easy on your child as possible. Read more…