Our School

East Hammersley Primary School Beliefs

All children and young people are capable of learning, achieving and extending themselves. We can all learn.

Students learn in different ways, at different times and rates, for different reasons, and in supportive environments.

The teacher is a facilitator, role model, coach, manager, umpire, mentor, guide, friend, carer and an imparter of knowledge. A teacher is a critical person in a child’s life and is the creator of future generations

Teaching needs to foster students taking responsibility for their own learning by setting challenging and yet realistic goals that value high standards, promote self-esteem and lead to improvement.

Effective teaching is purposeful, challenging and connects with a student’s interests, needs, cultural background, abilities, beliefs, goals, prior knowledge and stage of development

Learning programs need to acknowledge and build on prior and existing knowledge, abilities/interests, cultural backgrounds, level of development and real life applications.

Students should have the opportunity to observe, practise and teach other students the skills, values and processes that are expected of them.

The mental and physical needs, wellbeing and health of students and staff is a priority to us.

The core values should be in practice daily. They are the foundation of all activities, experiences and learning.

Learning happens best when student-teacher relationships are based on trust, respect, values, cooperation, partnerships, teamwork, positive interactions and a safe environment.

Learning occurs where students, home and school work together towards a common goal, collaborate, communicate, develop a partnership and support each other