A word from the Principal: 13th February

From the Principal:

A warm welcome back to our school community for 2019. It is great to be back and I look forward to another exciting and rewarding year.         Focus 2019 is based on the Department of Education’s strategic plan with its commitment to a culture of high performance and high care.

Success for all students, high quality teaching, effective leadership and strong governance and support – the key areas of our business plan – are reflected in Focus 2019.

At East Hamersley Primary School in 2019, actions for student success will include improving outcomes for all students’, developing their skills in digital technologies and ensuring Year 3 and year 4 students are learning a language. Importantly, teaching quality remains a key focus.

At East Hamersley we strive to continually improve our teaching. The staff work as a team and see themselves as having a responsibility to support their colleagues. They share ideas and they take collective responsibility for the success of the school. There is a climate of learning and growing for both students and staff. I am very proud of this school and look forward to another successful year.

The first Board meeting for the year is on Monday 18 February. The first P&C meeting for the year  is being  held on Tuesday 19 February at 3.15pm in the staff room. We would love to see as many parents there as possible – “many hands make light work”.

I would like to formally welcome Miss Jenkins (teacher), Mrs Richardson (EA), Mrs Carrick (EA), Miss Cucuzza( MCS)  and Mrs Thompson (School officer) to our school. They are all doing an amazing job and working alongside the rest of my amazing staff.

STAFF 2019

Principal         Ms Lyn Dawson

Deputy Principal Mr Chris Stratton

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten: Ms Mareesa Buchanan and    Mrs Siobhan Jones

Pre-Primary :  Mrs Lawry

PP/Year 1:      Mrs Sophie Jenkins

Year  1/2:        Ms Tracey Harding

Year 2/3:         Mrs Ms Macey

Year 3:            Ms Thompson

Mr Stratton

Year 4/5:         Mrs Dawn McDonald

Year  5/6: Mrs Waters

Support Teacher:  Mrs DeBoni

Specialist Teachers

Health & Art: Mr Andrew Moser

Phys Ed: Mr Andrew Moser

Music: Mrs Siobhan Jones

Indonesian: Ms Maree Clifton

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mr Susan Margaret

Education Assistants

Mrs Rosato

Mrs Hayward

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Rowse

Mrs Mills

Mrs Ridgeway

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Carrick

Manager of Corporate                 

Services         Miss Cucuzza

School Officer  Mrs Kerry Thompson

Librarian  Mrs Betty Somers

Gardener  Mr Phil Piontek

Cleaners  Mrs Leonie Madex

Mr Joe Lione

School Psychologist

Mr Richard Luyke

School Chaplain Mrs Di Norris

Have a great fortnight everyone.

Lyn Dawson , Principal