Thank you to the P&C

We are very fortunate at East Hamersley to have a hardworking and generous P&C. Each year, the P&C works with the administration to identify areas where funds can be utilised to make real improvements which will benefit all students across the school. 

In addition to their ongoing commitment to assist the school with purchasing important learning technologies; this year the P&C have generously funded resources to enrich the learning of students in each phase of learning. In addition to the climbing dome for our Kindy and PP students; the P&C have provided a range of items including maths games for our year 3 students, craft resources for our year 2/3 class, Lego sets for our year 1/2 class and board games for our new lunchtime games club! 

On behalf of all the staff and students at EHPS a big Thankyou to our wonderful P&C! 

There is still much to look forward to this term with our Faction and Interschool Carnivals as well as the One Big Voice Choir festival, our PP/Yr. 1 Assembly and a number of incursions and excursions also taking place. Please remember to check the Skoolbag app to stay up to date! 

Science Week 

As part of our Science Week celebrations, students participated in a variety of activities throughout the week. Thank you to teachers for their preparation, enthusiasm and encouragement with this very important learning area. 

On Friday 16th the students joined together to form teams and were challenged to build a catapult capable of firing a pom-pom as far as possible! There were some very ingenious creations and lots of scientific knowledge on display! 

Once again our Year 5 students were invited to take part in Warwick SHS’ annual STEM Fair. The students enjoyed participating in a range of exciting activities. 

Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who help to make this such a wonderful school! 

Chris Stratton, Acting Principal