The school’s colours are ‘bottle’ green and gold.

This dress code is consistent with the Department of Educations Dress Requirements for Students policy, and is underpinned by the strong belief that all East Hamersley students should wear their school uniform each day. We also believe that our school dress code;

  • fosters and enhances the public image of the school;
  • assists in building school and team spirit;
  • encourages equity among students; and
  • prepares students for work, as many places have dress and safety codes.

East Hamersley is a “SUN SMART” school. The ‘NO HAT PLAY IN THE SHADE’ policy applies all year round.

Hair below the shoulders should be fully tied back. The wearing of makeup is not permitted.

Jewellery is discouraged, the exceptions being sleepers, studs watches and medic alerts.

Lost Property

Please ensure that all your child’s clothing and belongings are clearly marked with their name.

Found clothing items are placed on the table just inside the yellow door of Block A

Purchasing your child’s uniform

East Hamersley school uniform items are available for purchase from Administration on Mondays and Tuesdays only between 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Orders may be placed outside of these times using a BLUE PRE-ORDER FORM only – available from the small table in admin.

Completed forms should be placed in the clear EHPS Payment box.

Pre-orders can then be collected from 9am the following Monday or Tuesday.

*All pre-orders will be charged $1 for a reusable eco-bag.

Uniform Price List 2019 / 2020

Please note that the school does not collect or sell Second Hand Uniforms.

Money, Valuables and Toys at School

All money should be sent in a secure manner, preferably labelled. It is also preferred that valuables and special toys are kept at home, as breakages and misplacing items can cause upset and tears for all!!

Mobile Phones at School

Students are asked not to use mobile phones during the time they are on the school property. Messages to students can be made through the school’s office. Mobile phones that are required by students between the school and home must be clearly labelled and stored in the front office during their time on the school property.