Year 2/3

The year 2/3 class has had a focus on developing their problem solving skills in Mathematics.  When completing the word problems the students have to follow a series of steps.  There has been a gradual build up in level of difficulty where the students are now successfully completing multi-step word problems. It has been an exciting journey and the students have shown how very capable they are. This term we will continue extending our skills. Below are the thoughts of one our students;

Problem solving inspires me to learn new things. Firstly, it makes your brain think wide and think outside the box and open your mind to new things.

Secondly, if you get something wrong you can learn from the mistake you made. Next time you see a question that is using the same trick, you can get it right!

Finally, if you already know the answer to the question, you can help someone and that makes me feel good.

By Alexander