Kindergarten Program

  • Learning is fun.
  • We have a warm, friendly and safe environment that caters for the individual child.
  • The program focuses towards the development of the whole child, in all domains: physical, social, emotional and cognitive.
  • The children also learn through play, both structured and free.
  • Learning is based on the children’s interests.
  • Learning experiences encourage exploration, discovery and problem-solving.
  • High parental and family involvement enhances your child’s learning.
  • The teacher and assistant work as a team which enhances the warm learning environment.
  • The teacher works collaboratively with other early childhood teachers both within the school and surrounding areas.
  • The program is based on the developmental learning philosophy supported by the Early Years Framework, Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.
  • The centre is well resourced.
  • Kindergarten is an important part of East Hamersley Primary School. The children are involved in many whole school events.

Your child’s time at Kindergarten establishes a strong foundation for the development of the whole child. The Kindergarten program provides experiences to develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. The program is designed to cater for each individual child, encouraging a natural progression through developmental learning, enhanced by stimulating and fun learning experiences.