Language Program


East Hamersley Primary School recommenced teaching the Indonesian language in 2017 under the instruction of a specialist teacher in a dedicated language classroom. The Indonesian language program has been implemented across the 4 – 6 year levels for an hour every week.  In 2018 Languages will also be taught to students in Year 3.

The Languages program focuses on the acquisition of linguistic competencies and cultural learning with the key emphasis being speaking and listening. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a variety of activities and tasks.

The Indonesian classroom provides a dynamic learning environment where students engage in a variety of interactive activities e.g. music, games, quizzes, role-play, puzzles and competitions. Technology and the use of IPads consolidate student learning. Incursions and classroom activities enhance and consolidate cultural understandings.

This year students will be reported against the Curriculum Framework.  In 2018 Languages will be taught to Year 3 students and they will be reported against the strands of the WA Curriculum published by SCSA.

Learning a second language;

  • broadens students’ view of the world, helping them to become more globally aware citizens who develop an understanding and respect for other cultures, people and their ways of thinking.
  • multi-lingual students have enhanced global awareness and career opportunities in their future.
  • students learn to transfer skills across languages and their analytical skills are enhanced.
  • enhances students’ English skills and understandings e. g. children develop transferable skills such as pattern recognition, linguistic problem solving, and an understanding of language conventions such as grammar, tense, and gender.

Why study Indonesian?

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • As Australia’s closest neighbour and ever-popular travel destination, Indonesia opens many opportunities in business, government, education and tourism.
  • Bahasa Indonesia uses the same alphabet as the English language and is phonetic, this means that words can be sounded out once the initial sounds are learnt.
  • Indonesian has adopted some English words into the language.
  • Indonesian one of the easiest languages to learn as a second language.
  • Indonesian is taught at Warwick Senior High School providing a pathway for students to continue learning a second language.