Travelling to and from school


In the interests of child safety, the staff car park is restricted to staff parking only. Parents are requested to park vertically on the school side of Doon Way to set down and pick up students. Please also be mindful not to obstruct the footpath because this is used by parents with prams.

Bicycles at school

It is terrific that many adult family members ride to school with their children. This is particularly important for children under the age of 10, where it is recommended that they ride bikes (and scooters) to and from school only when supervised by an adult.

Upon arrival, please ensure that bikes are pushed in the school grounds. Parking is available at the racks near the front office (a padlock and chain is recommended).

Naturally, everyone riding a bike should be wearing a helmet.

Pets on School grounds

In the interests of safety for all, please note that dogs are not permitted to be brought on to the school grounds, even if on a leash or other control device.